I was born in 1969 in Leningrad (now St.Petersburg), Russia. I took interest in photography in school years; it was the time when I got basic skills in BW processes. After finishing school, I was not engaged in the photography until 2013.

In 2013 I got a keen interest in portrait as a genre of photography. The main thing in portrait for me is a person himself/herself. I use different cameras: film cameras (all types) and digital cameras. I am absolutely sure that camera does not replace or help the photographer – it only makes the process of taking pictures either difficult or easy, and it is hard to say what makes better result.

I am the member of The Russian Union of Art Photographers since 2015.

In museum collections:

Solo exhibition:

  • 2016, January. “Portrait of a MAN”, St. Petersburg, Russia.

I participated in group exhibitions:

  • 2018, March. “Petersburg in geometry”, St. Petersburg, Russia (competitive exhibition).
  • 2018, March. Exhibition “About people”, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • 2018, February. 39 Exhibition of the VHC Photo Club, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • 2017, December. “St.Petersburg in Monochrome”, Velikiy Novgorod, Russia.
  • 2017, December. “New Vision”, St. Petersburg, Russia (competitive exhibition).
  • 2017, November. “Monocle”, St. Petersburg, Russia (competitive exhibition).
  • 2017, October. “The Strange”, Exhibition in the festival PhotoVisa 2017, Krasnodar, Russia.
  • 2017, May, July. “Touching Anna Akhmatova’s Petersburg”, St. Petersburg, Russia (I was the curator of the exhibition).
  • 2017, April. “Line and graphics of St. Petersburg”, St. Petersburg, Russia (competitive exhibition).
  • 2017, April. “Draft From the Past”, The Nabokov Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • 2017, April. “St.Petersburg in Monochrome”, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • 2017, March. International exhibition “М-Аrt”, Pskov, Russia.
  • 2017, January. 38 Exhibition of the VHC Photo Club, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • 2016, November. “Autumn -2016”, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • 2015, December. 37 Exhibition of the VHC Photo Club, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • 2015, April. International exhibition “I Believe”, Zelenodolsk, Russia.
  • 2015, February. “When I am Alone”, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • 2014, October. “VARIO MODO”, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • 2013, October. Exhibition of the Winners in the Portfolio Revue PeterFotoFest, St. Petersburg, Russia.